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Sometimes it is a little hard not to become too envious when we are flooded with media that showcases a beautiful Hollywood star who has a perfect smile, but just because movie stars can afford cosmetic dentistry doesn’t mean that you can’t.

Through modern-day innovations bestowed to cosmetic dentistry by science, creating the kind of smile that you want is a simple, affordable, and achievable endeavor.

Dr. Kevin Sandefer of Alon Dental Care strives to provide the most comprehensive cosmetic treatments on the market today to ensure that you walk out of the office with a smile that’s just right for you.

Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Teeth Whitening

This tried-and-true method is perfect for those of us who want to brighten up our smile and don’t have permanent staining. At his San Antonio office, Dr. Sandefer offers several different whitening procedures to help get a smile back in order.

With the latest in light treatment technology, effective bleaching gels, handy “one size fits all” teeth whitening trays, and convenient custom tray bleaching kits, whitening your teeth has never been made so fast, simple, and inexpensive.

And good news to those who are pressed for time or have tooth sensitivity issues after a teeth whitening session. We also offer the latest in whitening gels that can be used for as little as three minutes per day and anti-sensitivity agents.

Tooth sensitivity is now much less of an issue after whitening treatments these days, but for patients who do experience sensitivity after the bleaching process, Dr. Sandefer offers Relief™, a gel designed to stop sensitivity in its tracks.

While whitening can produce a brighter smile, it cannot stop the wearing down of your teeth by troubling dental habits such as teeth grinding. To remedy this, Dr. Sandefer often suggests mouthguards to patients who receive cosmetic dentistry treatments at his San Antonio practice in order to protect the teeth from losing their shape.

Veneers That Cover Stubborn Stains

Sometimes, treating stained teeth is a multi-pronged approach. Where bleaching alone may have failed to illuminate those teeth into a brilliant hue of white, Dr. Sandefer may suggest a combination of treatments to accomplish the level of whiteness that you desire.

Take, for instance, purple striations caused by tetracycline staining during tooth development or those brown stains from too much fluoride in well water. Normally, patients may prefer to try a simple bleaching first. While it may tone down the stains significantly, it won’t turn your smile into that bright beacon of joy.


That’s where veneers come in. Veneers can be bonded to the tooth surface using a special block-out cement. Once applied, veneers will completely cover the last remnants of staining left behind that the bleaching process couldn’t fix.

In fact, Dr. Sandefer’s receptionist, Robin, has experienced this treatment technique and is truly pleased with the results.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is an economical, timely, painless, and noninvasive technique of tooth repair. According to research from the mid-1980s, this technique is used cosmetically or restoratively and applies tooth-like material to an unsightly tooth in order to improve its appearance.

Dr. Sandefer has studied, practiced, and perfected this technique for over 15 years. He is able to recontour, straighten, or lighten unattractive, crooked, or misshapen teeth, unlocking that beautiful smile all in one visit.

Perfecting That Smile for Retirement

Dr. Sandefer firmly believes that it is never too late to have that perfect smile for yourself. That’s why his practice at Alon Dental Care embraces cost-effective, noninvasive solutions to craft stunning dentures or dental implants and whiten, strengthen, and lengthen those pearly whites.

Live your golden years with the gorgeous smile that you want, and let Dr. Sandefer shape it for you.

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