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Completing a natural-looking smile in two dental visits that both improves tooth color and shape, may sound like an over-the-top fantasy, but at Alon Dental Care, it is a reality.

Our San Antonio family dentist, Dr. Kevin Sandefer, has over 15 years of dentistry experience, giving him the knowledge he needs to excel in the art of veneer placement.

As opposed to a full crown the philosophy with veneers is to take away the least amount of tooth structure as possible. This method may provide a far less invasive treatment while significantly improving the esthetics of their smile.

What is a Veneer?

There are two types of veneer procedures. The first option uses veneers made of thin pieces of porcelain bonded to the tooth by resin cement. The second option uses layers of composite resin bonded to the tooth by bonding resins.

Each method is used in dentistry today to achieve the smile you want and deserve. Depending on what work needs to be accomplished for your smile, different methods are used to prepare your teeth for veneers, and many factors can contribute to the decision-making process. But one of the underlying objectives, regardless of the material, is to remove as little healthy tooth structure as possible to achieve the esthetic and functional results you want.

An Experienced Cosmetic Dentist at Your Service

Receiving veneers is a simple procedure that can be completed all in one place, Alon Dental Care. With over 15 years of experience in dentistry, Dr. Sandefer can craft the perfect set of veneers that can bring life to your smile.

Let our staff take care of your teeth and restore that smile. Contact us at (210) 979-0707 to schedule your veneers consultation today.