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When enough trauma or tooth decay impacts your teeth, a multitude of mouth maladies can occur.

Leaving spaces can cause adjacent and opposing teeth to move, causing problems with your bite’s alignment and promoting bacterial growth.

There are many options for replacing teeth depending on how many teeth are missing. Your San Antonio family dentist at Alon Dental Care, Dr. Kevin Sandefer. knows what treatments are best for your particular scenario. From partial or full dentures, dental implants, or fixed or removable bridges, nothing is out of his scope of expertise.

Quality Dentures Crafted Through Tried-And-True Methods

There are many varieties of dentures to choose from, and one of the most common ones that are ordered are partial dentures that include traditional metal frameworks with clasps, without clasps, and flexible frameworks by Valplast. Partial dentures are generally recommended when an individual still has some, or most, of his or her teeth where these partial dentures can be installed adjacent to dental implants or bridges already present within the mouth.

To determine how severely impaired your bite and function are, Dr. Sandefer must inspect your overall oral health to determine what kind of dentures you need. On the other hand, individuals who have lost all of their teeth to decay, trauma, or gum (periodontal) disease may require full dentures. In many ways, dentures are a full mouth reconstruction, as they re-establish the vertical dimension or the normal position of the jaw.

A skilled San Antonio family dentist dedicated to providing you with superior dental care. If you need quality dentures, look no further than Alon Dental Care. Dr. Sandefer can provide the treatment you need for a brand new smile. Contact us at (210) 979-0707 to set up your initial consultation today.